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Straighten your Teeth in Texas and Save

Aug 25, 2011

Example Situation: Looking for an individual plan that covers orthodontia.

Cost: There are many factors that affect the cost of braces, too many to go into here, but depending on your area of the country, traditional braces average about $5,400, but can go up to $7,600. Behind-the-teeth braces can add an additional $2,000 to $5,000 to that cost. And the newer invisible-plastic-tray-type braces start at $3,500 and can go as high as $9,000. Wow. It’s no wonder most people look for a break on the cost of a pretty smile.

Example Solution: Let's say your sole focus is on orthodontia and it doesn’t matter what type of dental plan offers the discount. There are dental health maintenance organizations in Texas that offer a 25% discount on orthodontia. But let's say you're not interested in having dental insurance specifically. You can choose a dental discount plan for just $8.95 a month plus a one-time $30 enrollment fee. It offers savings of 25% off of the cost of your orthodontia but your monthly premium is nearly 1/3 LESS than the dental HMO.

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