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Protect your kids from Calamities and Costs While at College

Aug 25, 2011

Example Situation: You hope they'll study close to home but you know how kids are: one wants to study acting in the east and the other, environmental sciences in the west. So how do you protect the smiles of two athletic teens at home AND two at college in two different states?

Costs: If you're worried about the teeth of four rambunctious, skateboarding, rock climbing boys, you should be.  A three-unit dental bridge, depending on the area of the country, can run from $2,100 to $4,000.  A simple crown, depending upon the area of the country and the material the crown is made of can go anywhere from $660 to $1,500.

Example Solution: You need a plan as flexible as possible. In the Houston area, for just $94.12 a month, plus a one-time enrollment fee of $25, you can cover yourself, your spouse and all four boys, wherever they are in the U.S., with a preferred provider organization. It provides significant savings when you use an in-network provider and yet, in an emergency (Honest Dad, it was just a little jump.), you can save on the services of absolutely any licensed dentist  in the country. Most preferred provider organizations have reasonable waiting periods (12 --18 months) on major procedures. Look for a plan that provides 100% preventive care coverage for your entire family immediately.

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