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Need a dental implant? Here's how a Discount Dental Plan Can Make It Affordable

Aug 25, 2011

 Example Situation: Single, living in a major metropolitan area in California and needing a plan that can save you money on dental implants.

Dental implants are becoming a popular alternative to bridges or dentures. Today’s dental implants are virtually identical to original teeth in shape, size and color and many people find that the cosmetic benefits are well worth the expense. The procedure is often done in a dentist’s office or as outpatient surgery, usually under local anesthesia. However, dental implants are expensive and are generally not covered under dental insurance. Some discount dental plans offer savings on implants. Always look closely at a discount dental plan's details to make sure that the plan offers savings on implants. 

Costs: For an implant and crown, figure on an average cost from $2,500 to $4,200 dollars per implant, depending on the materials you choose and the cost of living in your area of the country.

Example Solution: There are discount dental plans in California for $8.95 plus an initial processing fee of $30. Upon your effective date, you can call the plan's list of participating dentists in your area and find one that offers the plan's 25% discount -- for a total savings of $1,050.


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