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A Root Canal, Right Away

Aug 25, 2011


Example Situation: One would think that while living in a big city, surrounded by dentists, finding a reasonably priced dental plan would be a snap. It isn't as easy as you think and that's why you and your friends should shop on Let's say you need a crown and a root canal. And you need them both right away.

Cost: A root canal is called for when the innermost tissue of a tooth, generically referred to as nerve tissue, starts to break down and begins to threaten the health of the rest of the tooth. A root canal is a fairly involved, labor-intensive procedure. And when the root canal has been completed, a crown is normally fitted on top to cap the tooth to make it look and function like the original tooth again. A root canal, depending on the type of tooth on which it’s being performed and the area of country, can range from $485 to $1,400. And a crown, depending on the material used and the area of the country, can range from $660 to $1,500.

Example Solution: If you're in a hurry, you know you don't want a PPO or indemnity plan because they can often have waiting periods of up to 18 months on major procedures like crowns and root canals. Your alternatives are a dental discount plan or a dental health maintenance organization. If you want real insurance with no waiting periods, deductibles or yearly maximums, choose a dental HMO. Even in New York City you can get a plan that costs just $13.25 a month plus a one-time enrollment fee of $20. You can start the work immediately and pay just $395 out-of-pocket for your root canal and $425 for your crown.

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