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Freshen Your Smile with Fun Summer Reruns

Aug 31, 2016

By Dean George

Hard to believe summertime 2016 is winding down. Here are some signs we’re approaching the sunset of summer season:

1. Kids are back in school.

2. College football tailgating parties start in a week or two.

3. Soon it’ll be time to swap hiking shorts for jeans and that favorite sweatshirt you swore to your spouse in March you’d thrown away.

Summer isn’t summer though, without enjoying a few reruns. Classic reruns help us escape from the humdrum of dog days doldrums and the faux reality of reality TV. For example, reruns help provide a welcome distraction from the distraction that are the Kardashians, and the “he said, she said” politics of the presidential campaign. 

This week Agent Straight-Talk looks back on five of our favorite 2016 blog posts. If you learn something from these posts - good!  If you learn something and find yourself smiling, even better!

The Dental Plan Price is Right!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game show? One of our favorite game shows is The Dental Plan Price is Right! In January we shared an episode with contestants Freddie Fluoride, Candace Crown, Maxine Mandibular and Peter Pontic all competing for an all-expense paid trip to Periodontal Pointe. To see which one of the lucky contestants won January’s contest, click here.

The 2016 Dentin Awards are Here

The Academy Awards are exciting, but for those folks who like an awards show with real snap, crackle and bite, nothing beats the annual Dentin Awards. Unfortunately the nominating committee rejected our new category suggestion: Best Smile in a Dental Plan with No Waiting Period. Anyway, click here to see who won Best Comedy Using Laughing Gas and the Best Dental Movie Using Legos.

Five Famous Names of Oral Cancer

In April as part of Oral Cancer Awareness Month we wrote about five prominent people who contracted oral cancer. The mortality rate for oral cancer remains high because many people don’t realize they have oral cancer until it’s too late. One of the five we profiled in April is a professional musician who still performs today with a group you probably know. Click here to see who it is.

What’s Done is “Dunn” – A Dental Love Story (Parts 1 & 2)

The subject of this two-part July blog post was a small town Indiana girl who dreamed of becoming an opera singer. When the prestigious Metropolitan Opera Company of New York City rejected her audition in 1920, she did what any aspiring entertainment professional would do – she changed the spelling of her last name and married a successful NYC dentist.  

If you click here, you’ll learn why the couple got much more than they bargained for during their 37-year marriage. Suffice it to say she found a new use for her talent and he learned that running a successful dentist practice doesn’t equip one for managing a spouse’s celebrity career

Your dentist may not be married to a Hollywood movie star, but you can bet they know how to keep your smile at its mega-wattage peak. To see plans that can help with the cost of regular dental visits, click here.

Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and if our blog doesn’t satisfy your thirst for all things dental, four out of five dentists recommend following us on Facebook, TwitterPinterestGoogle+, or LinkedIn.

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Copyright 2016, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC 

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