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Dean George is the Marketing Specialist and Content Creator for Dental Insurance
Store and its social media channels. He is a regular contributor to Agent Straight Talk, the
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Quote Us on Our Dental Plans – Anytime!

Jun 11, 2015

By Dean George

You know you live in an instant gratification society when the thought of making instant oatmeal seems like it takes too long. And how many people check their wi-fi connection if it takes more than a minute to stream a two-hour movie?

The stuff we want, we want it now. Need more proof? What about people who think “now” isn’t fast enough and others that believe “same-day activation” should have happened yesterday? Heck, even the irony of a title like “Back to the Future” seems so yesterday.

At Dental Insurance Store, we waded into this pool of instant communication and immediacy when creating our free quote tool for our website launch. Our thinking was this: if providing more “no waiting plans” and “low cost dental insurance” was the destination, then our free quote tool would be the vehicle that got people there.

Almost four years later, our goal remains the same. To provide free, no obligation, rapid fire dental plan quotes from the relative anonymity of a visitor’s PC, tablet or smart phone.

When visitors use the quote tool we want them to see the displayed results as quickly as possible while entering as little information as possible. Who wants to give out personal identifiable information just to get a quote? We don’t want to, and you shouldn’t either.

We believed then as we do now that people would be less inclined to explore their dental plan options if they had to provide personal information. Besides, if we made getting a dental quote any simpler, bored family pets would be doing prank quotes while their people were at work.

Upon entering their age and zip code, visitors see a General Results quote page that lists all the plans available in their area. Included with each plan display is an abundant amount of important information:

  • What type of plan it is (HMO, PPO, Discount Dental Plan) and whether it has a waiting period
  • The monthly premium for single user, single user plus one, or family
  • Whether the plan covers orthodontia and cosmetic services
  • The annual maximum the plan will pay (if applicable)
  • The effective date if the plan is purchased that day
  • The application fee (if applicable)
  • The cost for six common procedures
  • Links to more plan details (an FAQ, a highlights section, total plan costs before beginning an application, and Exclusions & Limitations

  • Visitors can also compare up to five plans at a time, and if they know what plan they want they can begin the application process by clicking a Buy Now button at any time. Clicking the Buy Now button allows visitors the opportunity to self-enroll in mere minutes.

    Those needing assistance with the website or who have questions can always call us toll-free at 1-888-299-6441 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

    Offering this free service isn’t quite as important as man discovering fire or the invention of the automobile, but providing instant pricing on affordable dental plans so people can take control of their oral health needs is reminiscent of the Founding Father’s stated goals in the Declaration of Independence. You know; that part about life, liberty and the pursuit of oral health happiness.

    Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and for more helpful tips on oral health constitutional tips, follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

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    Copyright 2015, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC

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