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Red Rider Harmaajarvi and the Disenchanted Forest

Jan 22, 2015

By Dean George

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Raakkeli Harmaajarvi who adored the color red because it flattered her straight white teeth and sparkling smile. She wore red so often her friends nicknamed her “Red,” although she suspected it was because none of them could pronounce Raakkeli or Harmaajarvi.

One Christmas Red’s grandmother gave her a stunning red hoodie that the girl adored so much she rarely was seen without it. Red wore her hoodie everywhere in her ‘hood. The girl loved her grandmother very much, so when Red’s mother asked her to stop by one day and drop off some homemade goodies for her grandmother before Red’s bi-annual dental checkup, Red happily agreed.

Red’s grandmother lived on the other side of the Disenchanted Forest not far from the dentist, so Red’s mother reminded her to be extra careful, stay on the main trail and avoid the woods’ wily wildlife.

“Don’t eat the gummi bears if you see them,” her mother cautioned. “Also be careful around the giant sour worms, and if you come across any chocolate bunnies, no matter how cute they are ignore them. Once you eat one chocolate rabbit they multiply on your teeth faster than you may think.”

Red promised her mother she’d be very careful and would avoid endangering her beautiful white teeth before her dental visit. Kissing her mother goodbye, Red skipped down the lane before entering the Disenchanted Forest.

Within minutes Red was delighted to see dozens of beautiful flowers in dazzling colors on both sides of the trail. Stooping to pick a flower, she inhaled its fresh fragrance and giggled to herself. Above her perched on the jutting limb of an oak tree, a bluebird watched her curiously before bursting into song. “Oh, hello,” Red said while clapping her hands. “What a beautiful song, Mr. Bluebird!”

But the bluebird wasn’t the only one watching the young girl. On the other side of the trail and hidden from view, a group of gummi bears gathered, all hungrily eyeing her dazzling white teeth and luminous smile. Not far from the bears, a discarded can of sour worms wiggled and writhed as slants of sunlight highlighted their multi-colors.

As you probably guessed, poor Red Rider Harmaajarvi didn’t have a chance against the evil oral health forces aligned against her and her dazzling smile. Before leaving the Disenchanted Forest, Red also chased a few chocolate rabbits down their rabbit holes.

Because Red gorged herself on the local wily wildlife of sweet and sticky candy living in the Disenchanted Forest, the ruinous effects on her teeth magically multiplied. It was as if she’d eaten 10 years worth of trick-or-treat candy since leaving her house that morning.

When she later clambered up on the dentist chair, her face was bug-eyed and her mouth was clamped tightly shut.

“My, what big eyes you have today, Red,” Dr. Wolfe said.

Red said nothing, just sat there with her big blue eyes glued on the concerned dentist. Looking to reassure the young girl, he patted her shoulder and said, “Come now Red, let’s have a look. Open up, please.” Embarrassed, she sighed softly before slowly opening her mouth.

The dentist gasped in spite of himself. “My goodness, what the…? What sticky and gooey teeth you have, Red.”

“I kind of had a little trouble on the way here,” she mumbled softly.

 “I can see that,” Dr. Wolfe said, still probing and looking with fascinated curiosity inside her mouth. “Has Granny been making sugar cookies and forgot the cookie dough?”

“Mama told me to stay on the main trail of the Disenchanted Forest, but I guess I wandered around a bit,” Red said sheepishly.

“Do you remember what I’ve said before about sour candies, sticky candy and sugary drinks?” Dr. Wolfe asked while looking down disdainfully at his gummified dental explorer tool.

“Yessss,” Red said while squirming in the chair.

“That goes ten-fold for the wily wildlife in the Disenchanted Forest,” he said sternly. “Just last week I had to make dentures for Hansel’s sister Gretel.”

“My goodness,” Red said with a gasp. “But doesn’t she wear braces?” Red asked. 

“I really can’t say due to doctor-patient confidentiality,” the doctor frowned.

“But didn’t you already violate that when you told me about the dentures?” Red asked.

“Uh, you got me there, Red. You won’t tell anyone, will you?” Dr. Wolfe asked with a pathetic howl.

“Not if you can get this wily wildlife gunk off my teeth in time for my school pictures,” Red said.

Sighing, Dr. Wolf said, “It won’t be easy, but you’ve got a deal.  But you have to promise me something, too.”

“What’s that?” Red asked while trying for the second time to dislodge a finger stuck between her teeth.

“I’ve heard that Granny has a source for a new type of sugar-free caramel that doesn’t stick to your teeth, Dr. Wolfe said excitedly. “Think she can tell me more?”

“Hmm…give me a week and I’ll see what I can find out,” Red said with a wink.

Fortunately Red Rider Harmaajarvi’s mother had excellent family dental coverage. If like Red you are suddenly feeling disenchanted with the condition of your teeth, we invite you to click here to learn about the happy ending dental plans available in your area.

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Copyright 2015, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC

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