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Top 10 Reasons for Dental Implants

Jul 22, 2014

By Felicia Papier

Want your smile to look like a million bucks?  Who doesn’t!?  Many people are moving towards dental implants to help with their dental dreams.  While there are obvious cosmetic reasons for wanting a beautiful smile, there are other reasons as well.  At
Dental Insurance Store, we have several plans and programs that can make those wishes a reality.  Here are the top 10 reasons why dental implants are worth their weight in… smiles!

#1 – Fountain of Youth
Before we all gained the mandatory college “Freshman 15” that never disappeared and started seeing wrinkles from laughing way too much (Obviously, that’s the only reason we wrinkle. End. Of. Story.), there was youth!  But do you ever wonder why we looked so much better when we were younger? 

It’s because everything was in the right place!  This includes, but is not limited to, your teeth.  When you lose teeth, your features change under the skin causing sagging, wrinkling and bone degeneration.  Implants help slow this process by allowing your jawbone and teeth to continue supporting your facial features. They also help restore possible missing bone structure in the facial area.

#2 – Your Smile is Worth a 1000 Words
Some people with unhealthy teeth are very subconscious of their appearance which can lead to low self esteem.  Dental implants in the front of your mouth can help prevent bone loss and helps support your lips.  This makes for a prettier, fuller smile – and who knows, you may get a lot more smiles in return!

#3 – Maintain Your Muscles
I have been accused of running my mouth way too much at times… if only that got rid of the Freshman 15 previously mentioned!  Dental implants help maintain the tone and size of your facial muscles. As with all muscles, once they go unused (or a position maintained in the case of your mouth), they shrink.  Let’s liken this to a grape and a raisin.  Full plump grapes have shape and are pretty.  Raisins are grapes deprived of their youth.  Don’t let your mouth look like its one big raisin.

#4 – Speak With Eloquence
Our teeth keep the shape of our mouth and the shape of our mouth helps form words.  Have you ever pulled your lips in over your teeth to talk like a little old lady?  (Ok – you know you have…) Try saying, “The therapist threw a thorny bush at his patient Tuesday” with your teeth covered.  I rest my case.

Often people who have struggled with dentures will opt for dental implants for several reasons.  Dentures are bulky and sometimes hard to wear.  They also can make speaking difficult which can be embarrassing.  Since implants are just like teeth, these speaking obstacles can be avoided.

#5 – Jawbone Integrity
Have you ever forgotten how to do something after not doing it for a long while?  Not everything in life is like “riding a bike.”  Human bone needs to be stimulated to maintain size and density.  When you lose a tooth the stimulation to your jawbone through pressure of chewing is gone and the bone “forgets” its job, which in this case is to remain healthy and hold your other teeth.  A dental implant will help maintain the integrity of the jawbone because it works just like a real tooth.

#6 – Movin’ & A Bitin’
When I was little, I had a big gap in between my front two teeth so I thought I was in for many years of wearing braces; but luckily, I didn’t have to.  Because the rest of my teeth were perfectly straight and in all the right spots if my dentist put braces on, it would pull all of them out of their spots and make them crooked!  No bueno. 

Your teeth are designed to move and they will!  If you have a tooth that is missing the other teeth will take over for sure.  It’s like finally getting to the front of the crowd at a concert and then you have to use the ladies’ room – POOF!  Good bye dreamy lead singer... 

Having a missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift.  This can affect your bite which, can loosen other teeth and put undue stress on them, in turn causing
periodontal disease.  Look what happened!  Your unintended attempt at being the Toothless Wonder just hit your pocketbook pretty hard. Dental implants will hold your other teeth at bay and allow for future smiling at dreamy band members.

#7 – Last Long Time
Dental implants can last twenty years or more. Because they are made of titanium, they have a longer shelf life.  And like we have already mentioned, since your mouth is “on the move” all of the time, implants are more adaptive to change. 

#8 – What’s Happenin’ Hot Stuff
Ever thought about how amazing you would look with dentures? No? Really? 

Dental implants last longer than dentures, are much more comfortable, and provide a dramatically better quality of life.  Implants can boost self esteem whereas dentures may cause the opposite. 

#9 – A Dental Education
Your teeth can help you stay aware of other things happening in your body.  For example, when you are eating, you are aware of the texture and properties of what you eat.  If a tooth is missing, you are clueless.  In a blind taste test, you will want to have an idea of what your friends are making you try… it could be worse than just Coke or Pepsi. (p.s. Don’t drink soda; it’s bad for your teeth!)  Implants maintain the natural sensations you expect when chewing.

#10 – Let Us Be of Assistance
Implants are seen as a cosmetic procedure by most major plans and aren’t covered; however, at Dental Insurance Store, we have several plans that help cover them.  Of course, many carriers will take into consideration why you need the implants and may make payment allowances.  You would likely need a medical reason for implants and the final decision would be at the carrier’s discretion. 

If you are in California, the
PrimeCare plan with specialty covers implants and it’s affordably priced.  In many states we have two PPO plans by Renaissance Dental (Plans 2 and 3) that also cover implants.  Renaissance also offers a Healthy Savings card that has vision and hearing benefits as well.

Patriot Health also offers a
discount card which will provide up to 25% off the regular and customary fees charged for implant services. 

Whichever plan you choose, know that you are going to have a knock out smile with your new implants.  You will also be able to maintain the rest of your teeth with the preventive benefits that all our plans offer. 

Just remember, it’s another great day to smile!

Sources: webmd,, jurimdentalgroup
Copyright 2014, Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC©

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