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The 2013 Tooth Review

Dec 30, 2013

Hard to believe that it’s been another full year of amazing dental news and information.  Just when we thought we had 2012 under control, here came 2013…and now, 2014!  As I reflect on all of the things we have accomplished at Dental Insurance Store this year, I realized how much fun it was writing for our blogs!  It’s been a pleasure bringing you the latest dental trends, helpful tips and delightfully corny dental stories.  Here are some of our reader’s favorites from the year as well as some that Dean and I think will make you smile!

#1:  Coconut oil was where it was at in 2013.  Not only is it healthy for your body, but for the chompers too!  Dean explains how many coconut lovers advocate “that coconut oil helps regulate the blood sugar of diabetics, assists with weight loss, and is good for skin and hair.”  As for your teeth, scientists have modified coconut oil to enable the decrease of oral bacteria.  So read the rest and get on the coconut bandwagon!

#2:  We have smart phones and smart water and smarty-pants kids… and now smart toothbrushes! Take a journey with Dean as he explores the Theory of Intelligent Toothbrush Design in this article. From the first bristle brush from China to the modern day PeriClean brush, we have come a long way in caring for those pearly whites!

#3:  We wrote a lot about healthy foods for your oral well-being in 2013.  One of our favorite articles was about how the Paleo lifestyle or “Caveman Diet” can help your teeth stay strong and cavity free.  Come learn about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about how taking in large quantities of grains and sugar can affect your dental and overall health.

#4:  Got a big wallet?  You’re going to need it if you don’t take care of your teeth!  Preventive dental visits are extremely important to your overall health.  I share three easy tips to keep your family’s teeth in great shape in between professional cleanings.  Now, if you want to put your foot in your mouth that is your own business!

#5:  Kids.  We love them at Dental Insurance Store. So much so that we dedicated a whole month of articles on their oral health!  One of the best animated mobile applications for helping kids keep a healthy mouth in 2013 was Brush with Jackson.  Jackson is a toothy bunny that allows children to imitate good brushing habits.  This is a story not to miss!

#6:  Technology is the future – for everything – including dental.  Getting our kids to brush their teeth can be a battle of epic proportions.  In my article Techie Teeth Time, we revealed three different technologies that will help get the most unruly child to brush, as well as something fun for the adults!

#7:  You probably have noticed we talk a lot about toothbrushes.  They are kind of a big deal… What else would be brave enough to go hunt through your mouth for spinach and corn on the cob?  Not me, that’s for sure!  Dean shares another story about those brushes that like to go “au naturel” in their plaque fighting battle.  Boar head bristle brushes are the chic and sexy way to brush in 2013!

#8:  May the (dental) force be with you. Laser technology has been used in dentistry since the early 90’s but hasn’t been fully adopted by the ADA quite yet.  Lasers are currently being used to shape gums and cut out bad tissue and tooth decay.  No worries, we have time to perfect it… Just think of how long it took Anakin Skywalker to become Darth Vader. 

#9:  MORE TOOTHBRUSHES!?!?  This one is about the do’s and don’ts of toothbrush care.  Don’t neglect the most important tool in your healthy oral tool belt as it will disappoint your Mother.  And no one wants that…

#10:  (Yup, this is the last one!) If we didn’t talk about food all the time, you would never have anything to brush and floss out of your teeth.  That is the truth!  See which veggies, fruits, meats, oils and herbs are your teeth’s best friends in Dean’s article, 15 Super Foods for Super Healthy Smiles.

You did it! The Tooth Fairy has now said you are a dental professional from reading this article!!! Congratulations!

Oh, wait… no.  No, you didn’t become anything other than a lot more knowledgeable about your oral health.  That is something to be really proud of actually!  We can write and write about how to care for your teeth but it means nothing if you don’t take action. 

Start with a great dental insurance plan from Dental Insurance Store, get to your dentist and make 2014 your year of healthy teeth!  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ for other “tongue and cheek” tips.

Copyright 2013 Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC© 

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