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Life is Spooky without Dental Coverage

Oct 30, 2013

Life is a lot like trick or treating. Sometimes you get what you want in life’s bag of tricks and sometimes you feel like Charlie Brown looking down inside the bag and thinking, “I got…a rock.”

Photo source: Pelican Landing Dental PA

We wonder if this ever happened to you as a little trick or treater? Someone put some candy in your bag that you didn’t think you’d like, but you learned that you did.  With me it was coconut. Didn't like coconut as a kid but one Halloween when the pickings were thin I learned I liked it a lot. Now I like coconut cream pie. And coconut in candy bars. And 5-cup fruit salad. Especially coconut in the half shell when I’m lounging at our winter home in Waikiki.

Note: Any reference to real places in this blog that I have never visited, but say that I have, is protected under my guaranteed right of poetic license. That is, until I’m advised by management to knock it off.

Let’s be honest. Going to the dentist or shopping for dental coverage will never be as fun as Halloween parties, reenacting Michael Jackson’s Thriller or trick or treating – unless maybe you are Arthur Denton.  But isn’t it wonderful when your dentist compliments you on how well your teeth look after a routine 6-month visit? Or alerts you to a potential problem before it becomes an expensive and painful one?

Talk about horrific! Knowing that you need dental care but have no dental coverage – that can be a truly spooky experience. As bad as the throb in your mouth is, you can practically feel your wallet throbbing along with it while you worry, “What’s this going to cost?” Going to the dentist for a major procedure without dental coverage is like knocking on the door of the scariest house in the neighborhood and having Orin Scrivello, DDS jump out at you!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. To paraphrase a frequent theme in a novel I just finished, “This is America. In America we get up, go to work and solve our problems.”

$$’s Are A Concern Let’s say money is tight in your household. If your family budget resembles that of most American families, your paycheck rarely leaves the house without an oxygen tank and a monetary defibrillator.  But buying dental coverage is less expensive than you think. Depending on where you live, discount dental plans and traditional dental insurance are available here for less money per month than family concessions at your local movie theater. That is, unless you own the theatre.

For example, in Virginia we offer a family discount dental plan that covers orthodontia, free cleanings and no waiting period for just $10 a month. Or if you live in Kansas and you prefer traditional insurance, we have a nationally known dental HMO plan for less than $50 a month with no waiting period, free cleanings, and it covers root canal treatment for as little as $175.

Fear Factor Another reason people often cite for not having dental coverage is they fear the unknown. It’s like walking through the woods and not knowing if you will run into a Werewolf. Many find insurance confusing, whether the topic is deductibles or copays, or effective dates and waiting periods.

At Dental Insurance Store we’re fond of saying that finding and enrolling in dental coverage isn’t rocket science. That’s why we created the Buyer’s Guide. Our Buyer’s Guide is easy to use, and walks you through the questions you need to ask when considering a plan. Do you have an immediate need?  Is your main priority saving money on dental expenses or keeping a favorite dentist?  How much coverage do you really need and how do you shop for insurance for specific procedures?

The Buyer’s Guide is just one of many tools we offer to help you find the right plan at an affordable price. Our website allows you to compare up to five plans side-by-side, use filters to locate plans that cover orthodontia and cosmetic procedures, and learn about the different type of available plans like HMO’s and PPO’s, and indemnity insurance and discount dental plans.

No Need *Sigh* Don’t make me turn this blog around and track you down at home. Since we first opened our doors Felicia and I have coached, counseled and cajoled about the importance of preventive dental trips. To summarize:

  • The longer you put off routine visits the more expensive treatment is.
  • Most dental diseases are painless – kind of like those that were smitten and first bitten by a vampire – before things got ugly. By the time the pain registers not only will treatment be more expensive but it may lead to infection and other serious issues like losing teeth, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, gum disease or oral cancer. As we mentioned in a previous post, slightly less than 50% of those diagnosed with oral cancer live more than 5 years.
  •  Your teeth are kind of like Gremlins. If you don’t follow the rules, bad things can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes even if you follow the rules they still get in trouble! Likewise, even if you brush and floss regularly, oral bacteria are persistent. Depending on diet and hereditary factors, if you don’t visit a dentist every six months you may be risking more than the temporary pain of a modest out-of-pocket payment. You may not remember everything you’ve eaten and drank the past several months, but your mouth does, it keeps score and it doesn’t grade on the curve.
  • Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk, and be sure to stop in next week when we begin a new monthly series on…you know, if we don’t tell you now, you’ll have to check back, won’t you? (Insert fiendish, devilish laugh here.)  Have a happy and safe Halloween, and don’t forget to brush after enjoying your treats!

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