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A Fairy Dental Tale

Sep 25, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a nice young lady named Cindy.  She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters, Annie and Drizzy.  Sadly, Cindy’s sisters didn't give her much to smile about.  They were mean to her and always made her brush with the old boar head bristle toothbrush

They made her floss twice a day because they thought that suitors would never want to see a “true lady” floss their teeth.  As another punishment, Cindy’s wicked stepmother, Lady Terrible, made her compare dental plans from all over the magical Land of Interwebs.  They all thought that by treating Cindy so poorly and making her undesirable to the available bachelor princes in the Land of Interwebs, they could snatch up those boys for themselves.

Boy, did they underestimate Cindy.

Agent Straight-Talk

You see, Cindy was really taking care of her oral health this whole time.  Silly stepsisters… brushing and flossing every day were making Cindy’s smile brighter and her teeth stronger day by day, not harming them!  They didn't know that while they were out eating gummy bears and ice cream with their friends, Cindy was home taking care of her toothbrush and secretly visiting Dr. Toothfarish, the local dentist, to ensure that she was getting the best preventive care for her teeth that she could. 

Of course, Drizzy and Annie were brushing too – just not as well – and definitely not for the two minute minimum.  They were more interested in updating their Facebook statuses and Tweeting about their latest dates with Prince Jimmy John and The Earl of Dagwood, both heirs to sandwich empires. 

As you may recall, one of Cindy’s punishments was searching the Land of Interwebs high and low for a dental plan.  It was rumored that Lady Terrible had a major case of halitosis which was why she was so wicked.  No one had been able to get within an arm’s length of the woman in years.  She also had a couple rotten teeth which were not helping the cause.  Inside she was sad and lonely and yearned for better smelling breath and a healthy mouth.  She needed to find a dentist – for all of their sakes.

Cindy herself had been paying out of pocket each time she visited Dr. Toothfarish.  It was getting pretty expensive and she didn't know how many more times she could clean Ima, Urey or Hamm Pigg’s homes – they lived in complete styes!  One day, while she was cleaning the donuts out of the fridge, she asked Ima how she kept such a bright smile.  All of those donuts were not good for her pearlies!  Ima told Cindy about her awesome experience with Dental Insurance Store, or DIS as it was known throughout the kingdom.

So one stormy night, Cindy got on her tablet and found DIS like Ima Pigg had mentioned.  She quickly entered her age and the kingdom’s zip code for her free dental quote.  In seconds, she had several different plans to compare.  Hallelujah, there was a plan that was affordable and would help Lady Terrible with her rotten teeth!  

While she was at it, she found a plan for Drizzy.  Drizzy never smiled because her teeth were crooked and she was really embarrassed.  She actually challenged Puss in Boots to a dual one day because he told her she should smile more.  Cindy found a dental discount card to help with orthodontia costs.  She was so excited that something other than putting lizard gizzards in Cindy’s petticoat drawer would make Drizzy smile! 

“Two down, two to go,” she thought.  There had to be something on Dental Insurance Store’s site that would help with Annie’s cracked tooth.  She had been living with it for so long and Cindy was convinced this was the sole reason she was so darn cranky all of the time.  Cindy really didn’t know how Prince Jimmy John put up with her… maybe it was because he could get away super freaky fast when she was in a bad mood.  Low and behold, DIS had something to help Annie as well. 

Last but not least, Cindy found a great HMO plan for herself and come to find out, Dr. Toothfarish was one of the providers in the plan’s network!  She could afford the monthly premium with the money she was making cleaning the Pigg’s houses and could now save her wages from her job at the slipper factory. 

The best part was that Lady Terrible, Drizzy and Annie were so grateful to Cindy for finding great dental plans that solved their problems, they threw a fancy gala in her honor.  Because of her radiant smile and flashy dance moves in her specially made slippers, suitors from around the Land of Interwebs lined up outside the castle door. 

Prince Chiclet noticed her good dental habits immediately and asked Cindy for her hand in marriage!  She said yes and now they have a family dental plan that covers the happy couple and baby Chiclet.

You see, the right dental plan, good oral hygiene and of course the right shoe, can certainly change a girl’s life.  

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