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Dental Solutions for Life's Curveballs

Sep 11, 2013
This month we are revealing solutions for all of your dental issues.  We cannot keep them secret any longer!  You deserve to know how to have a winning smile no matter what curve balls life might throw you.  

In last week’s AST article, Dean gave solutions for all sorts of dental conundrums.  But you may need dental insurance due to bigger changes in your life and we are here to help.

So what happens if you need a crown replaced or you were playing in the company softball game and got smacked in the kisser?  Just look to see what your company’s dental plan covers, right?  But wait, there is a problem.  Your company doesn't offer dental insurance.  While this is rare for larger companies, it’s fairly common for small businesses.  Sometimes companies cannot afford to include dental with their existing plans or they are hesitant to start contracts with an additional provider.  Maybe the health plan provider they chose for medical coverage doesn't even offer dental coverage.  Dental Insurance Store offers different plan types that can help.

  • HMO Plans – There are several advantages to HMOs including no waiting periods, fixed copayment costs and they generally cover diagnostic and preventive services.  We offer DHMOs in 21 states.
  • PPO Plans – While PPO plans usually have higher monthly premiums, one of the greatest advantages is that you can still visit your current dentist and not have to worry if they are in network or not.  These plans are not recommended if you have to have major dental work done right away.  They normally have waiting periods of more than 12 months.
  • Perhaps in an all staff meeting Monday morning you learn that your company is letting people go. Unfortunately, you are one of them.  As your smile fades, so do your dental benefits.  While you don’t think that you will need dental work while you are out of work, you never know.  You didn’t think you would be out of a job either.  (Boom. Curveball thrown.) 

    Until you can get back on your feet, why not purchase a discount plan?  Perks of a discount plan include next day activation, no waiting period, you can use any participating dentist and they have an inexpensive monthly price tag.  Think of a discount plan like a dental coupon.  It’s not an insurance plan, but it will get you a discount on your dental needs. The amount of the discount depends on the procedure and the dentist.   Even if you don't end up using your plan, you have the peace of mind that you won't have to pay completely out of pocket if something does happen to your teeth.  Most discount plans can be cancelled quickly if you don’t need them anymore.  While we hate to see you go, we understand that your new job may include dental in your benefits package!

    What if the dentist is the one who throws you a curveball?  You go in for a routine cleaning - although it’s not routine because you haven’t been to a dentist in 10 years... The dentist informs you that you need cavities filled, a root canal and a crown.  Don’t forget the braces you need as well.  Holy (insert whatever word you find appropriate here), Batman! 

    The good news is that you have dental coverage provided by your company.  The bad news is it doesn't cover EVERYTHING that you need.  You can supplement your current plan with a plan from Dental Insurance Store.  One thing you need to check with your dentist before you purchase a supplemental plan is whether your primary dental insurance will coordinate with the additional policy.  It’s kind of like not being able to combine more than one coupon at your favorite restaurant.  If you call your dental provider, they should be able to let you know which policy will cover what procedures and possibly what you will pay out of pocket, if anything.  We can also assist you with coverage questions if you call our licensed agents at 888-299-6441.

    What if you are on the other side of the coin? Perhaps you run a small company and would like to provide dental coverage for your employees.  While Dental Insurance Store doesn’t work specifically with group plans, we do offer a variety of plans for individuals and families that you can offer to your employees.  This can be invaluable because it allows them flexibility and control over their dental destiny.  Let us help you help your people!  Feel free to email me for more information.

    Let us know what kind of dental curveballs life has thrown at you.  You can post your stories on our Facebook page or Tweet us!  Don’t forget to check back in next week when we will solve more of dental’s little mysteries for you. 

    Copyright 2013 Bloom Insurance Agency, LLC©

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