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Top Five Reasons People Avoid The Dentist

Aug 07, 2012

Do you ever wonder why people don’t go to the dentist?  Is it because they think a root canal will cost thousands of dollars?  Maybe it’s because they imagine the sounds of a mad dentist drilling and cries of agony coming from the chair?  Could it be the idea of having a stranger’s hands in their mouth is slightly creepy?  Or is it because they just don’t want to go? 

Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors
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Here are five common reasons people avoid the dentist and how Dental Insurance Store can help you keep a healthy smile!

#1 – A Trip to the Dentist May Break the Bank

Dental procedures can be very expensive, but having the right dental plan can save you a bundle.  With so many options out there, we can help you find an affordable plan with flexibility and terrific coverage. 

What plan works best for your budget?  Perhaps it’s a HMO with lower premiums or a Discount dental plan that works much like a coupon system.  Or do you want a PPO that gives you more freedom to go to the dentist you like?  We offer plans that are right for you!  If you are lucky enough to work for a company that provides dental insurance, you probably take your existing coverage for granted.  I know that I did – until I forgot my card and paid $200 for a cleaning.  It’s important that you know exactly what your plan covers – you can find this information on your policy’s Evidence of Coverage or Summary of Benefits pages.  If you need a procedure that is not covered, add on a supplemental plan to your existing coverage to help you out.  

#2 – Finding a Dentist is Hard Work

It’s true.  Finding a dentist is hard work, but it isn’t so hard you should let your teeth rot.  One of the coolest things about the Dental Insurance Store is our Dentist Search tool which will help you find a dentist close by that accepts your perfect dental insurance plan!  Just click the Dentist Search button for any plan and view a full roster of dentists in your area.

#3 – It’s a Scary Place

My friend just told me about her son’s first dental appointment.  She was fairly certain that he was the source of the loud cries from the back of the office.  Of course, her son is only two, but the dentist can be scary no matter your age.  In a recent study, 27% of those polled said they avoided the dentist because of pure fear. 

Most of the time people are scared because they are just uninformed.  Our Buyer’s Guide will walk you through different plan types, procedures and general information.  We are also more than happy to answer your questions on the phone while helping find the right dental plan to fit your needs.

#4 – It’s Too Far Away

This could be a very legitimate reason for not going to the dentist; however, there are scores of dental plans and thousands of dentists.  Dental Insurance Store offers plans all over the United States and can pair you with the best plan and the closest dentist to you in seconds.  This saves you the hassle and lets us help you keep a beautiful smile!

#5 – I Just Don’t Want To Go

We can’t make you go to the dentist, but we can provide the tools to be prepared!  Whether it be a routine yearly cleaning or having your wisdom teeth extracted, Dental Insurance Store is here to find what works best for you in your situation.  We want to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your dental health. 

So now you are in the “know” and there are no more excuses for you not to have a healthy mouth.  Dental Insurance Store can help you love your dental insurance plans, your dentist and your teeth!  Read more each week on how to keep your smile bright and beautiful with our Dental Wire and Agent Straight Talk articles.  Join our Facebook page for more dental information that will educate and make you smile! You can also smile at us on Twitter (@ToothTeller).

Thanks to Felicia Coover for today's blog post. Felicia is a project manager for the Bloom Insurance Agency Marketing team and specializes in search engine marketing and optimization.  She enjoys writing as a guest blogger on Agent Straight Talk and helping people have a terrific smile.  She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, concentrating in advertising and English lit.  She has worked both for agencies and clients alike and loves implementing a good marketing strategy.  When she is not hard at work in the office, Felicia enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband and little boy, crafting and baking (and marketing!) her own delicious cupcakes.  

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