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God Save the Queen – and that tooth in the waste bin

Jun 15, 2012

Photo Source: Soda Head 

In earlier posts we’ve blogged about the occasional oral oddity here and abroad. Below are some oral oddities from across the pond in Great Britain:

Story #1:

Kim Green’s dental misadventure began when she sought treatment for a decayed and infected tooth at a local medical practice. Dentist Justin George reportedly took x-rays but rather than checking the images before beginning her procedure, he relied on Green pointing to her throbbing tooth before going to work – sort of. 

Two hours after the extraction Green called back in considerable pain claiming that George had pulled the wrong tooth. After quickly consulting the x-rays he realized his mistake and promised to reattach the healthy tooth if she would come back.  

George sewed the healthy tooth back in, but in his hurry reattached it into the infected space with the decayed tooth. Not surprisingly complications developed.  Who would have thought?  Crying with pain despite taking codeine and oral morphine, Green was able to get an emergency appointment with a hospital surgeon the next day who removed both the replanted and infected tooth.

When Greene later learned that the reattached tooth had temporarily shared space with bloodied tissues, syringes and saliva wipes in the medical waste bin, that was the straw that broke the dentist’s back.

Dentist Justin George was reported to National Health Service management and suspended. Green received a dental repair estimate of £4,000 ($6.203.22 in U.S. dollars) and a British solicitor earned a new client.

Can you say single-payer health care?

Green’s defense? “People are all coming in with pain and I’m the only dentist in the surgery trying to see everybody, and yes, in the pandemonium, the wrong tooth was pulled out. It was an accident but everything was failing around me. I’m a new dentist. I was very stressed-out that day…I could hear people grumbling downstairs.”

And speaking of people grumbling…

Story #2

A British dentist was permanently suspended last year for conduct unbecoming a dentist.

Did he self-administer laughing gas? No. Did he leave patients unattended too long during procedures? No.

Thirty-five-year-old dentist Matthew Walton, now a former dentist, was charged with belching, cursing, dissing patients and, uh…well, frequent flatulence.

Even CBS’s cantankerous medical doctor John Becker never treated his patients that bad.

Reportedly Walton “found it funny” to break wind next to his co-workers during lunch. Dental nurse Carol Stokes said Walton’s antics created an overwhelming smell at the clinic. “I didn’t like the smell around the practice, it made us feel sick. He found it funny.”

Walton worked as an assistant dentist at a dental practice in Whitchurch, Shropshire and it was there that he also carelessly exposed a nurse to x-ray radiation, made derogatory comments about unemployed patients, uttered ethnic slurs, cursed out loud when struggling with difficult extractions and often demanded that poorer patients show him their money before beginning their treatment.

FYI - he also told one patient that came to him with a dental emergency that the patient had bad breath. Talk about a lousy chair side manner!

At his hearing Walton admitted to belching and breaking wind in front of staff, but claimed it was inadvertent and never happened in front of patients.  A United Kingdom dental council disagreed and ruled that Walton’s conduct required that his name be erased from the dental registry and his registration be immediately suspended “for the protection of the public.”

We’re guessing that “protection” of the public can be subjectively interpreted.

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