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Remember your first dental visit as a child?

May 29, 2012

By Dean George

Art Linkletter, the former radio and television personality best known for kids' shows like House Party and his book “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” thrived on the spontaneity and innocence of children.

Agent Straight Talk thought it might be interesting to get the inside scoop about a dental visit from a child's perspective. But no reality TV posturing and child star divas here! The Dental Insurance Store is all about authenticity and transparency - no posers allowed.

The recording below deals with a young child's recollection of her first trip to the dentist and what advice she'd give to her two-year-old brother. With that in mind, below is my no-holds barred interview with Della H – my three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter. 

(Transcript appears below audio link for readers not fluent in child-speak) 

Click here for audio interview of Della H dental visit

Q: "Alright Della, Mommy told me that you went to the dentist this week and she said that you were very good. Can you tell me what happened? What did the dentist do?"

A: "Uh, the dentist singed (sic) to me, and she saw my band-aid on me, and it was on my leg and then she saw it, and then I think she, she, uh, got chocolate toothpaste, and then she got me some lots of stickers of two princesses because I this been (sic) very good and then she handed me a toothbrush."

Q: "You got a toothbrush too? What kind of toothbrush did you get?"

A: "Uh, it was a sticky one, and then it was a smile toothbrush she got me."

Q: Oh, did it have a character on it, like a princess?

A: "Uhh, (laughing), no."

Q: "Oh, just a regular toothbrush?"

A: "Yeah."

Q: "Okay. When you were at the dentist did the dentist talk to you while they were cleaning, er, brushing your teeth?"

A: (Thoughtfully ponders question while tapping chin) "Uh…no."

Q: "Did the dentist show you how to brush your teeth?"

A (Nods head but audio doesn't record that so crafty reporter rephrases)

Q: "Can you show me how they, what the dentist showed you?" (Audio doesn't pick that up either but fortunately the interview subject bails out the reporter by verbalizing her reply)

A: "Uh, they point out my teeth: one, two, free (sic), four…" (Subject tiring now at flurry of blunt questioning)

Q: "Uh, huh. They pointed them out to you?"

A: "And that’s why, that’s why I go at (sic) the dentist."

Q: "Oh, I see. Do you like to brush your teeth?"

A: "Yeah."

Q: "What do you like about it?"

A: No answer as she contemplates the existential meaning of tooth brushing.

Q: "Does it make your teeth feel clean and sparkly?"

A: "Yep, like the princesses."

Q: "Oh, like the princesses?"

A: "Yeah." (Audible footsteps of subject running away as it dawns on her I might be paparazzi)

Q: "Two more questions, Miss Della. Did you learn anything new from your trip to the dentist?"

A: "Uh, she give (sic) me a prize."

Q: (Envious) "A prize? What kind of prize?"

A: "It was a bog!"

Q: "A book?"

A: "No, a buc!"

Q: "A…book?"

A: "No, I mean not a book, a BUG!"

Q: "A buggy-bug?"

A: "Yeah." (The idiot reporter does know English!)

Q: "What kind of buggy-bug?"

A: "It was a pink one, about, well just this tall." (Widens hands like this)

Q: "Oh, really nice." (Reporter is clueless but knows the buggy-bug was cute.) "And just one last question. What will you tell Ollie (Della’s two-year-old brother) when he has to make his first trip to the dentist?"

A: "Uh, my mommy settles that."

Q: "Oh, your mommy is going to handle that? So you don’t have anything you’d tell Ollie about what to do at the dentist?"

A: But they’ve got lots of TV’s. (Note to self: tell my dentist to get with the program)

(Wrapup) Miss Della, I want to thank you for sharing with us your personal experience at the dentist.  And your smile looks really sparkly today."

Pediatricians recommend children visit the dentist by age one and advise that brushing should begin even earlier. Thankfully our granddaughter fared better than the two-and-a-half-year-old boy reported on last month that had to be anesthetized due to cavities in 11 of his 20 baby teeth.  If you have questions about the "do's and don'ts" of protecting your children's teeth from cavities, consult your dentist. 

Like everything else, good habits begin at home and it is always easier for children to emulate parents that practice good oral habits themselves.

Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk. Remember, “You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it's just teeth.”  Is there something you'd like to read in this blog? Email us at

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