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Why are many women in their forties scared of visiting the dentist?

Mar 26, 2012

If you haven’t noticed, jobs in today’s economy are in short supply. One thing that never seems to be in short supply though, is surveys. There seem to be surveys soliciting our opinions on everything: what we eat, how long we sleep, how many hours we work, how much vacation time we take and what we watch on TV.

The University of Sydney recently published a survey I’d like to share with you today showing that women in their forties are more likely to suffer dental anxiety than any other age group.

Those who regularly read this blog or Dental Wire may recall a similar study we reported on early this year regarding red heads being twice as likely to avoid trips to the dentist. Gosh, from the sound of it if you are a red head in her 40’s, it may be miraculous if you manage to keep your dentist appointments at all! And last month in Dental Wire we reported on a Swedish study concluding that laughter helps people deal successfully with dental anxiety.

But severe dental anxiety is a serious matter for thousands of people. The ongoing Australian study in its fifth year reveals that women in their forties are a demographic that is more likely to be depressed, anxious or stressed about trips to the dentist than any other age group. The origins of this fear were traced back to trauma or abuse; specifically, trauma involving the face or mouth.

The study also showed that women in their 40’s suffering from dental anxiety and experiencing severe pain wait 17 days on average to make a dental appointment. Compare that to people experiencing similar pain but who are less anxious about visiting the dentist and you can see how serious acute dental phobia is.

“Dental anxiety is very real and complex and it should never be downplayed," study researcher Dr. Avanti Karve, coordinator of the study said. Karve, who serves as coordinator of the Dental Phobia Clinic, said that just the mention of the word “dentist” could evoke instantaneous dread with some case subjects.

The goal of Dr Karve’s staff at the Dental Phobia Clinic is to help patients manage their fear by removing the focus from their teeth to explore the whole person. And that’s why Dr. Karve’s team consists of a psychologist, seditionist, anesthetist and dietician. “We work with each patient to explore the history of their anxiety, identify specific triggers and attempt to provide each individual with coping skills to manage their fear,” he said.

Dr. Karve says the goal is to help the women overcome their fear of dentists because delaying regular dental visits often means more serious oral surgery that might have been prevented if regular preventive trips to the dentist had occurred.  

If you suffer from severe dental phobia, be sure to interview a dentist before making an appointment. Ask to meet with him or her and discuss your fears and how they help people suffering from dental phobia. Dentists deal with this issue frequently and will tell you what they can do to reduce your fear and make you comfortable so you can get the dental treatment you need.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, please email us tips on how you handle your fear during dental visits.

Thanks for reading Agent Straight-Talk. Remember, a smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. If you have a subject you’d like to see in our blog, please email me at:

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