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Red Wine – Not Just for Your Heart Anymore

Jun 26, 2014

By Felicia Papier

We have heard for years that a daily glass of red wine can make you more “heart healthy.”  Even our kids know that wine is good for adults as stated by Alice in the picture below.  But can it be good for other parts of your body?  Since this is a dental news blog, I will give you one wild guess. 

Yes - it’s your teeth!  

Now, I know what you are thinking - red wine stains your teeth. This can be true and it means two things: don’t drink the whole bottle and you need to remember to brush your teeth when you are done drinking (if you are not asleep already.) But here is why you need to risk the creepy wine teeth. Researchers have discovered that red wine has properties that decrease bacteria build up in your mouth and on your teeth.

Last Thursday, we learned how chemical reactions affecting our immune system can be a culprit in periodontitis.   Your mouth is a microbial playground with lots of microorganisms joining in the fun.  Because our teeth are “non-shedding surfaces” these microorganisms cling to your teeth which lead to biofilms and dental plaque. This causes bacteria to combine with the plaque and voile! Cavities, bone loss and periodontitis

Here is where the wine comes in. 

Scientists have been searching for natural elements that will combat the creation of biofilm and dental plaque.  This has been a hefty task since their testing of antimicrobial agents has proven resistant to the biofilm and plaque and some agents have less than desirable side effects.  However, they found that polyphenols from tea and cranberries as well as phenolic extracts from wine and grapes did inhibit the growth of biofilm and plaque.

The researchers concluded, “These findings contribute to existing knowledge about the beneficial effects of red wines (one of the most important products of agriculture and food industries) on human health. Moreover, the promising results concerning grape seed extract, which showed the highest antimicrobial activity, open promising ways toward a natural ingredient in the formulation of oral care products specifically indicated for the prevention of caries, due to its antimicrobial properties."

We know you want to rush out and buy lots of red wine… for your teeth’s sake of course!  But do remember that you should drink in moderation.  And definitely no drinking and driving or else you’ll only be showing those shiny teeth to the guy in cell block C. 

While you are having that nice glass of red wine, shop for a great dental plan from to keep those teeth in tip-top shape, won’t you?  Come save today!

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