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Buyer’s Guide for Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans

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PPO Dental Insurance

The word PPO might be familiar to you from the health insurance world, and it works much the same way in dental. See below for our break down of the basic elements of PPO dental insurance, including how PPO dental plans work and links to further reading.

Do you have PPO dental insurance plans?

Absolutely. We’re committed to bringing you access to the finest PPO networks in the country with carriers such as Delta Dental and the 120,000 provider DenteMax network.

How much does a PPO dental insurance plan cover?

PPO dental plans all quote coverage in terms of a percentage. The percent covered is the portion that your insurance company will pay your dentist for any services rendered.

What are the benefits of a PPO plan over some of your less expensive plans such as a DHMO?

It is true that PPO dental insurance carries a higher monthly premium than most of our other plan types. Often people choose to go with a PPO because it allows them to keep seeing a trusted dentist or because they prefer a dentist in the PPO network who is more conveniently located to the patient's home. See more about dentist selection in the questions below.

Which dentists can I see?

The insurance carrier pays much more of your costs if you visit a dentist that is in their network. Most PPO dental plans will also reimburse you for visiting a dentist not in their network. Beware, however, because going out of network means two things for your wallet:

(1) The carrier pays a lower percentage of the procedure – so that cleaning that was covered at 80% in network might only be covered at 50% out of network.

(2) The actual price of the procedure that is being covered goes up! That’s right, an in network dentist actually charges less for a procedure than out of network. That is because those network dentists have a special deal with the insurance carrier. So, using that cleaning example again, going in network might have covered 80% of a $100 cleaning, but out of network means that cleaning now costs $150 AND the carrier is only covering 50%!

Use our “Dentist Search” feature in the quote results to see if there are in network dentists that are convenient for you.

I’ve seen mention of Individual PPO Dental Insurance. Does that mean you only have dental plans for individuals?

We emphasize individual coverage because many of our customers are shopping only for themselves. All of the plans here at Dental Insurance Store, however, are designed to work for individuals, spouses, and families. Follow this link to learn more about dental insurance for individuals.

I need a major procedure, like a dental crown, done right away. Would you recommend a PPO dental insurance plan?

No. PPO plans usually require waiting periods of no less than 12 months for major services like crowns, so in this instance you may be better served by looking for a dental HMO plan, or a discount dental plan.

What are annual maximums and deductibles and how do they affect my coverage?

PPO dental plans can be confusing at times because there are many details to track. See our section on Annual Maximums and Deductibles for a definition of these terms and their implications for your coverage and out of pocket costs.

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